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Upgrading my iMac 27" 5K

When I bought this iMac in 2018 I "broke" the Fusion drive and replaced the internal HDD with a Samsung 860 EVO SSD. The prices that Apple charges for SSD upgrades are really something. Way too much in my opinion.  Anyway after 4 years of use I did notice some slowness and was no longer fully convinced that the SSD was good enough to drive the iMac. 

Time for an upgrade. Thanks to OWC a very nice upgrade is possible. Replacing the Blade SSD with a faster, much faster SSD.  Slight challenge: the SSD is located at the backside of the mainboard. A near complete teardown needed.

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Migrating away from Digital Ocean

Since 2014 did I have a simple server (droplet) at DO. In December 2020 I migrated to FreeBSD as the host OS.  However with the move into a pre-rendered website using Publii I no longer need a full fledged server. Just some space where I can let the site be hosted as is. 

Adding JBOD enclosure

The amount of the disks in the server is limited and I wanted to see if I could get a JBOD enclosure attached. I wanted to be able to increase the disks and it needed to be affordable. At the current prices enclosures are quite expensive. 

Thanks to this post, although quite old, twelve years to be precise, the concepts are still valid. 

Image of inside of server

Running the Supermicro board

At last the server is ready. Exchanged the mainboard with the SuperMicro board. Although it is now running "only" 16GB of RAM, it is ECC memory... So no more risk is broken ZFS pools.

Update on my TrueNAS solution

So I made a mistake. And a big one. I jumped the gun with my choices for the motherboard, cpu & memory.  My original post has a nice list for a very nice PC, not one that is really good for this purpose.  

The use of ECC capable memory, cpu and motherboard is paramount for a ZFS based storage solution.  So what to do. Already purchased these components and are nice mid-range specs. 

Goodbye MacMini Server, Hello TrueNAS

Over 30 years ago I started with "playing" with a Mac in the role of server. The first steps into what turned out to be part of my profession. 

All these time I have had administrator access to one or more server(s) running on the Apple platform. However the time has come to say goodbye to the MacOS and the Apple platform as a server platform. 

Solving routing issue in Private VPS Cloud 

In the private VPS cloud solution I have built and setup in the last couple of years there was a small nagging issue that needed to be solved.  I wanted to have a routed layer 2 network and be able to use the public load balancers provided by the VPS provider.