Sometimes a opportunity presents itself and I would be stupid not to jump on it and change direction once more.

In the last year I have learned a lot, from the effort it took to achieve my CISSP status to the uncertainties that being a freelancer brings and also I learned a lot on what I like and do not like.

Downsides I encountered

Let me start with the downsides, trying to get any assignment is tough. There are a lot of recruiters out there, they all claim to have the best opportunity for me. However a lot of times the role does not fit into my skill set at all. The requirements for the role are not even close to my skill set or are not for a role I am looking for. Next the majority claims to want to have a personal connection with the candidate. Like they are my best friend. Sadly I am the product they have to sell. And with ghosting me when the opportunity does not move forward is more and more the “norm”, if this is how one treats it’s “friends”, damn what is the world changing into? The, for me, common decency to call back or give a response should be the norm, not the exception.

Please, have a bit of common decency and send at least a small message indicating that the project does not move forward. Even canceling a appointment for a “quick” call is too much trouble, apparently. I read a lot online where recruiters are ranting about the no-shows, the not responding candidates and such, well it might an idea to look in the mirror, These also occur from the candidates perspective.

Another observation I have made in the last year, more and more roles are open only for full-time employment, and that is just not what I am looking for.

To me it seems that the pond of freelance roles is shrinking. The amount of recruiters that are recruiting for these roles are increasing, I get the impression that any given role is being handed to a lot of different recruiters that all “claim” to be the “preferred” supplier, however, to me, it seams not really the case.

The organizations realize that a lot of work needs to be done in the Information Security domain, however they prefer to fill this gap with employees, rather then with freelancers. And when I am contacted for freelance roles, getting the budget known is a challenge in it self. Nine-out-ten times when it is struggle, the budget is really too low…

Opportunity presents itself

Off-course I understand that “networking” is pretty important and knowing the right people is very important.

Via a family member I was brought into contact with one of the founders of Trustforce, just going in for a cup of coffee, and get to know each other. Who knows what the future will bring.

Surprising me, a opportunity was presented to me. One that I had not considered seriously. However after a good weekend and serious talks with my better-half, I took the step to take him up on his offer and go through with the hiring process. Talking is always a possibility. And although I took a big step last year and considering the downsides I mentioned, sometimes you have to move in a different direction and see what the future brings.

On the first of May 2024 I have started as a Senior Security Consultant for Trustforce. I am ready to start a new phase in my working career. Who knows what it will bring!

I enjoy working with like-minded people on the interesting topic of Information Security. And to keep learning. My CISSP certification is only the beginning. More certifications to come, next I am focussing on achieving the CCSP status and started with achieving the CEHv12 as well.