While working for Sogeti I was working as iOS developer (contractor) for Connected Health Devices (CHD) at Philips Health which created and maintained products that measure and track vital signs like heartrate, blood pressure, weight and temperature.

Within CHD the software team develops and supports high-quality, medical grade software for the Philips Health Watch and its derivatives. Through development and support of various mobile plugins, they also make sure that all CHD devices can connect to multiple Philips connected propositions. One example of such a proposition is the Philips Health app, available on both iOS and Android. I was responsible for the maintaining of the main library and the plugins that are part of the Philips Health app. Besides this maintenance, I participated in a number of PoC projects that used the same structure.

As an internal project, I created and implemented the complete automated release pipeline, where the plugins and main component are build from validated source code, using several tools: Jenkins, xcodebuild, Groovy, Fastlane scripting. Integration with Bitbucket, Jira and Confluence.

In the last months of my time at Philips I worked on a PoC set of frameworks that allows developers to connect and get data from devices that confirm to the BTSIG profiles. The libraries are service-centric rather than device-centric.