While working at Sogeti on a assignment for SNS I was part of the team, where we rebuild the apps for the three labels the bank carries: ASN, RegioBank and SNS.

The first generations of these apps were built using the Service2Media framework.

While working at Sogeti I was part of the team responsible in rebuilding these apps using native iOS code. In this team I fulfilled the role of tech-lead developer.

Since it is again a bank app I cannot give a lot of details.

The design patterns we used in these apps:

  • Singleton
  • Façade
  • MVC
  • Notifications
  • Delegation
  • Decorator
  • Messaging

The app turned out to be a quite complex app to build. We are using one codebase for all the labels.We also made a lot of use of unit-tests.

Besides the development I was responsible in setting up the Xcode Server, to be used as the CI.