Apps for Menzis

While working at Sogeti on a assignment for Menzis I was part of the team that build an branded app. This app helps you with sending in claims to get refunded from your healthcare insurer.

This was a relatively straightforward app, based on the UI. The tricky part was the use of DigiD. DigiD is a authentication platform specifically for the Netherlands. There is no real API in using DigiD, however we can achieve authentication using OAuth 2.o. So we had to create some nice "hacks" to get it to work. And no we could not use any open source OAuth libraries out there.

We made the App for the brands: Menzis, AnderZorg, Hema and Azivo. We made extensive use of the Asset Catalogs to distinguish between the brands. Also did we create a new way to add theming to  iOS apps. In a separate post will I explain this setup.

Getting the authentication in the App was one challenge, the other was encryption the data. We do store the data in the App and created our own encryption.  From a architectural stand view was this one the more complex App's I have worked on.  The following patterns where used:

  • Façade
  • Proxy
  • Notification
  • Inheritance
  • KVO
  • KVC

The first version of the App is just for iPhone. An update is in the makes to make the App universal.